SEG supports its clients in offering them a wide range of personalized services for all their needs.


Over 35 years of presence in our clients’ depots for all types of equipment, manufactured by SEG or not.

Repair, overhaul and modernization

Our worldwide expertise with Railway Operators and all major manufacturers allows us to provide tailor-made solutions for all phases of the life cycle of strategic depot equipment, improving their reliability, performance and lifetime. We therefore offer various modernization possibilities on Hydraulic Presses and Underfloor Wheel Lathes.


Thanks to its expertise of manufacturer and maintainer since its creation, SEG developed a wide range of support solutions. These services can cover any additional need for the customer such as: Training of maintenance technicians, Support for Maintenance Engineering, Incorporation of the latest technological breakthroughs…

Spare parts

Thanks to it’s experience as a manufacturer, SEG provides railway operators and maintainers its catalogue of spare parts and its expertise en engineering.

Design office

With more than 40 years of experience in the design of equipment goods for railway maintenance workshops, our design office is among the most advanced in the sector.
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